As you well know, the 2019 maturity exam also includes the presentation of the report on school-work alternation. (Although the Miur now calls it “Paths for transversal skills and orientation”)

What is the report on school-work alternation and how is it written?

This document should consist of a short report (about 5 to 15 pages) about the experience in the company, or in an association, gained during the year. Given the unknown of the three envelopes and the disappearance of the term paper, the report is the only thing that you can perfectly prepare to make a good impression. And we advise you to do it.

Organize the work

Create a ladder and define the index. This way it will be much easier to write content. For example, it could look like this:

Introduction. At this stage you could present the set goals and the duration of the experience. Also mention the name of the company and the tutor who followed you.

Presentation of the company / organization / association. Describe the structure where you performed the alternation period. In the report, indicate what it does and how many people work there. You can also enter the address of the official website and the social profiles, perhaps adding some images (always mention the source).

Tasks performed. Describe the tasks you have been assigned. You can also explain the typical day of the employees by comparing it with yours. In this chapter, you could also talk about the period of coaching with your tutor.

Objectives achieved. Compare the objectives proposed in the introduction with those actually achieved. This is the time to sum up your experience. What did you learn professional and human level? (For example: punctuality, what it means to work in a team, have responsibilities, etc.)

Importance of the experience for the post-diploma phase. Evaluate the experience with a view to the future. Has school-work alternation helped you to clarify what to do after graduation? Was the practical activity useful in developing new skills related to your field of study or your future intentions?

Final considerations. Explain here the general evaluation of the experience. In addition, you could include any criticism / suggestions / comments with respect to the project or activities you have done.


For layout we recommend:

  • characters like Times New Roman
  • size 12-13
  • line spacing 1.5
  • Margins 2.5 cm / 3 cm

If you insert images, always report the source from which you take them. It would be even better to insert photos taken by you during the experience.


Frontispiece: containing name, surname, class, school year, title, name of the tutors who have followed you (school and structure)

  • Index
  • Introduction
  • Chapters
  • Final considerations

How to present the report on school-work alternation?

Our advice is to still prepare a paper version (maybe in a couple of copies) to run in commission while you display.

You can then decide to prepare a short Power Point presentation to be shown (Here are some tips to make it happen), or to rely on free speech.