As you all know, Microsoft Word is available for a license fee. For those who have decided to write their thesis using Open Office Writer (which is completely free), we have summarized some of the essential commands to format it.

Format the thesis with Open Office

The margins:

  • Let’s start with setting the margins. Right mouse button> Page …> will then open the screen to define the Sheet Format and Margins.
  • If you choose double-sided printing, leave at least 0.50 cm more for the inside edge. Select the Mirrored page layout: in this way the margin will be correctly set for even and odd pages.

Enter page numbers:

  • You will first need to insert the footer: Insert> Footer> Default
  • Then enter the page numbers: Insert> Field command> Page number

Alternate numbering with Open Office:

  • If you want to insert the alternate numbering for odd / even pages, the story gets slightly more complicated.
  • Format> Page …> Footer> deactivate the option Content equal right / left:
  • Now insert the Footer: Insert> Footer> Default
  • Enter page numbers: Insert> Field command> Page number

Position yourself with the cursor on the Footer> choose the Right alignment for the page number 1 and the Left one for the page number 2.

The formatting will be automatically maintained even for the following pages.

Set the index:

Let’s assume we have already started writing the thesis and want to format the index. For example, select the title of Chapter 1 and give it the style> Heading 1.

The curtain with the Styles can be found at the top left.

Repeat the operation for all titles with the same level (Chapters).

Continue by attributing, for example, Heading 2 to sub-chapters, Heading 3 to paragraph titles and so on. Just make sure you choose the same header style for equal levels.

Now all that remains is to insert the index: Insert> Indexes and tables> Index> OK.

This will be your result.

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