Here you are, written thesis, thanks, dedication, title page … Everything is really ready to go to press. Only one thing is missing: the final composition of all the parts. In fact, if you want to merge the title page, dedication and other sections without having the page number ticked there, the best solution is to merge the files into PDF.

How to merge PDF files?

If you have Adobe installed on your PC, simply select: Tools> Combine File and choose or drag the files to be merged into the space provided. Remember to save the result!

We remind you, in the case of double-sided printing, to insert any blank pages between the title page and the dedication. For more information read HERE.

If you work with a Mac, you can merge the PDFs simply by using Preview (and saving the result). Just drag the title page and anything else into the side space. Also from the Preview menu you can also insert blank pages, if necessary.

If you don’t have Adobe or a Mac, there are plenty of online (and free) programs that allow you to do the same thing, such as:

  • Smallpdf
  • Ilovepdf
  • Combinepdf
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The same programs can be useful in the previous phase: in the transformation from Word (or Office) to PDF.

For those who already have Adobe installed, simply send the files to print (Ctrl + P) and select> Save as PDF. (or File> Save …> and set the .pdf extension)

You can also install the trial version (free) of Adobe Acrobat Reader and use it just right to deliver the final blow to your thesis.

Do you need help writing or formatting the thesis? Don’t miss the thesis guide. Here you can find tips, tricks and tips to complete the thesis and prepare the discussion for discussion.

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